Daish’s Holidays Schedule GTO Showcase 6 October 2022.


The Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne Beckons. Advice is ‘Book Now’ for Four Night Fam.

Group travel organisers from around the UK are being invited to participate in a highly enjoyable showcase based in one of Daish’s Holidays most recent hotel acquisitions.


The Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne - deep in the heart of the South Downs coast and countryside in East Sussex will be the base for the tour organisers. It’s one of 12 hotels owned by Daish’s in 10 resorts and destinations spread right across England and Wales. https://www.daishs.com/eastbourne/imperial-hotel


Thursday 6th October 2022 is the date for tour planner diaries and an opportunity to explore one of the most attractive seaside resorts in the country – a place also reputed to be the sunniest spot in Great Britain.


UK travel trade specialists Steve Reed Tourism Ltd are working with Daish’s Holidays for Groups to put together this memorable experience. 


The arrangement for the event is for a half board four-night DBB stay with GTOS asked to make their own self-drive arrangements to and from the hotel. The event will include accommodation, breakfast, dinner and entertainment each night in the hotel. Coach tours around the area on board a Daish’s coach will be organised during the showcase.     


GTOS will be sent a booking form for this event and bookings will be made on a first come, first served basis. Attendance is subject to availability and eligibility. The booking form will have details of costs and options for room types. 


Any tour planner keen to attend this event should email steve@stevereedtourism.co.uk or telephone [01420] 560288.