News for Hotels – Check Out Krystal Roks.


An innovative new service has been launched to help hotels provide an even better service to their group customers. And this can generate new and additional income.

We are working with the quality UK merchandise operator Krystal Roks


If you have a hotel or leisure business that meets their criteria, generally at least 40 bedrooms or an equivalent footfall, then they can offer you an excellent way to earn extra revenue and add to the appearance of your reception with no investment whatsoever.

So how does it work?

They supply you with a hand built jewellery cabinet constructed with safety glass and tailored to your décor. They also supply the stock. All of this at no cost to you. In return you give Krystal Roks a prominent position to display the cabinet with an electricity supply, the cost of which is your only commitment. All of the cabinets are fitted with LED lighting so the cost will be minimal.

You sell their jewellery to your customers. They take home a reminder of their stay and advertise your hotel when they tell their friends where they bought it.

Every four weeks Krystal Roks phone to ask what you have sold. They then invoice you for those items and pay you a commission deducted from your invoice. You pay them at the end of the month. This gives you a positivecash flow benefit.

What is the system?

Every item that is sold has its own unique serial number. You will be provided with a stock list which is individual to your cabinet. The staff member simply initials alongside the item which has been sold. When Krystal Roks call for the sales they read out the numbers. The following week their merchandiser visits to clean and restock the cabinet.

What are the products?

Krystal Roks sell jewellery made largely from Swarovski Crystal and the man-made diamond known as Cubic Zirconia. This brings sparkle to your reception area. Prices range from £15 to £50 and are therefore affordable and competitive with the high street.

What can you earn?

Turnover varies from around £3,000 to over £10,000 per annum. The commission paid will depend on how many outlets are involved but will be attractive. Staff members also get an enhanced

discount for personal purchases. Krystal Roks do not ask for a contract. If you accept their terms and conditions then they need four weeks’ notice to remove the cabinet if you are unhappy.

What do you need to get one?

Simply call me on [01420] 560 288 or email: